Alyssa & Kevin's Wedding in Dana Point and Redlands, CA.

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Crazy schedules....Definitely one of the most common things you'll deal with if you are in the wedding industry. There is always a crazy schedule but they are always crazy for different reasons. Sometimes the flowers run late, or the bride will be stuck on the freeway....there is always something that can potentially mess up a time schedule at a wedding. My advice to brides and grooms that are stressing over the time line is always: "Don't really worry about the time line. You do want to set times aside for everything to ensure you won't forget a special event or dance, but don't expect it to go 100% to the schedule." If you expect something to go exactly as planned, you will not be a happy camper. You'll have to be flexible that day and be to make adjustments in order to have a more enjoyable day. 


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